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Reach Precision Measurement mission is to provide precision metrology equipment for use in the workshop environment during and after machining operations.

Reach Precision Measurement Company is an international manufacturer of Advanced Gaging and Assembly Equipment that combines more than 20 years of experience in Automation, Assembly and Metrology Systems.

The  equipment is designed and built for a wide range of in-process and post-process applications and for guaranteed performance in even the harshest shop floor conditions. Reach Precision Measurement provides a global answer to customers needs, supplying the metrology equipment in association with non-destructive testing and a wide variety of sensors and machine tool controls. Reach Precision Measurement products are offered as a part of a complete project management and simultaneous engineering support to the customer.  MORE


With In-House Engineering, Controls, Software and Assembly we are able to keep a proactive approach to Project Management, maintaining Issue Decks, constant clear communications with customers, 3D modeling and correlation with Lab Gaging. Established in 2009, today we supply many different industrial markets throughout the world with Industrial Automation, Assembly and Inspection Equipment. At Reach Precision Measurement we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate into our customer’s existing systems and our own integration abilities. Using many different suppliers at the forefront of technology like Keyence or whatever is needed we are able to produce the most advanced systems in any market.

Some of the RPM product line includes: Air Rings, Air Spindles, Gage Controllers, Laser Systems, Air to Electronic Converters, Vision Systems, Linear Transducers

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